Workshop’s  At- a - Glance
Presented by Perenda Isom-Satterfield

1.       Autism Awareness: Still misunderstood -This workshop discusses in detail the unique behaviors of children affected by Autism Spectrum disorders and strategies that will help to modify their behaviors. 

2.       Hot tickets to Challenging Behaviors – This workshop discusses the reasons challenging behaviors may occur and strategies that may help to prevent them from reoccurring.

3.       Bridging the gaps between home and school- The importance of Parents being present in the schools to support student achievement.

4.       Building your Bounce – This workshop is geared toward parents with special needs children. It is designed to provide parents with different strategies that will assist them in becoming more resilient in their everyday struggles.    

5.       Why Social Emotional Learning? – This workshop discusses what is Social Emotional Learning and the importance of Social Emotional Learning to our early learners. 

6.       The Alternative Language for Non-verbal Children – This workshop discusses the use of the Picture Exchange System to aid in communication with non-verbal children.  It will give an overview and demonstration of the different stages of the PEC system.